What Churches Should Contain #13

What Churches Should Contain #13

“Therefore, churches or other places should be suitable for carrying out the sacred action and for ensuring the active participation of the faithful. Moreover, sacred buildings and requisites for divine worship should be truly worthy and beautiful and be signs and symbols of heavenly realities.[107]

289. Consequently, the Church constantly seeks the noble assistance of the arts and admits the artistic expressions of all peoples and regions.[108] In fact, just as she is intent on preserving the works of art and the artistic treasures handed down from past centuries[109] and, in so far as necessary, on adapting them to new needs, so also she strives to promote new works of art that are in harmony with the character of each successive age.[110]”

A church should also have an altar, ambo, “Chair for the Priest Celebrant and Other Seats,” “Places for the Faithful,” “Place for the Schola Cantorum and the Musical Instruments,” “Place for the Reservation of the Most Holy Eucharist,” and “Sacred Images.”

The schola cantorum is the church choir.

Information and excerpt from Chapter V of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal


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